QuoteCat is committed to following the best software design and development procedures. We constantly strive to ensure that our software operates as it is supposed to, and works well with the other software on your computer. QuoteCat Ticker is designed so that it will not affect the operation of any other applications on your computer. All the QuoteCat Ticker files are installed in a single directory and there are no files added to the Windows or Windows\System folders. It does not replace any files on your system and does not edit existing registry entries. The only exception is the registry entries for the Excel Helper which are added to the Excel add-in registry entries. This is needed to make the Excel Helper work properly with Excel and will not affect the operation of any other Excel features.

Many software applications ensure that the operating system (i.e. Windows) supports all the features they need by updating components of the operating system during the installation process. Seldom is the user informed that this is happening. Some applications even replace system files with their own modified versions of these files. At QuoteCat we believe that these practices are the major cause of system instability and a flaw in the implementation strategy of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has recently changed the recommended application installation methods to address this, but many applications do not follow the new recommendations. We strongly support the need for higher system quality standards, and believe it is essential that users are informed of any changes that are being made to their systems.