If you have any questions about using QuoteCat Ticker, or if you are having problems with it, you can e-mail us at support@quotecat.com

Please read the information in the Support dialog box from the Help menu. If you are experiencing problems your e-mail should include the information copied from the support dialog as well as any error messages. You should copy the error messages from the Error Messages dialog on the Help menu. Also, before e-mailing us, please read the frequently asked questions below.


The QuoteCat Frequently Asked Questions will often give you the information you need without having to send an e-mail. They may also help you learn new things about QuoteCat that you find useful. Click here to access the Frequently Asked Questions.


Due to changes to the Yahoo sites, most of the current quote sources have had to be updated. If you are using a version of QuoteCat obtained prior to mid November you will need the updated source files. You can update the sources you are using with your existing version of QuoteCat or you can install a new version of QuoteCat which includes all the current sources.. Click here to get the updated sources, or go to downloads to get a complete new program.