There are several sample Excel worksheets included with QuoteCat. These are useful for illustrating some of the powerful tasks which can be acomplished with the combination of QuoteCat and Excel. You can use these worksheets as they are or modify them for your own purposes. Or, they can just be used as examples, and you can construct your own worksheets from scratch. Below is a brief description of some of the samples provided.


Portfolio Worksheet

This worksheet can be used to track a portfolio as prices change during the day. Each row represents a position in a particular stock. The worksheet can re-calculate the value of each position and the profit/loss as the prices are updated by QuoteCat Ticker.
The spreadsheet can be extended to include commisions, margin costs and even dividend payments. Multiple portfolio worksheets can be open at once, so that any number of portfolios can be tracked.

Trading Strategies

Several sample worksheets are provided illustrating specific strategies.
Pairs Strategy
In this worksheet we track the difference between two similar stocks. If the difference diverges significantly from the historical difference we may want to buy the relatively cheap stock and sell the relatively expensive stock.
In this worksheet we illustrate the price differences between the quoted price for a stock on two different exchanges, for example where a stock is listed in more than one country. We calculate the potential profit which could be achieved if the shares and foreign exchange were traded at the current quoted prices.